Transforming a German Market Leader – Lumen Partners & Kroschke Group

Lumen Partners is a network of freelancers with a huge diversity of abilities and experiences. Together, we cover multi-layered projects and offer maximum value to our customers through consulting team compositions that fit our clients’ needs perfectly.

The immense value of that has been demonstrated in the case of the Kroschke Group in Ahrensburg close to Hamburg. Our team included Marlin Watling (15 years of experience in strategy and human resources in international corporations), Klaus Motoki Tonn (20 years experience in strategic communication and corporate law) and myself (15 years experience in corporate finance, startups and corporate innovation). With this team and a great leadership team at the Kroschke Group, we managed to transform the company into a digital and innovative market leader.

Featuring the Kroschke Group in “Manager Magazin”

We have redefined collaboration in the company, developed innovation strategies and stuctures, validated the business models behind futuristic products and initiated a mindset shift amongst employees. I was especially impressed by the sheer dynamics in the relationship with the two brothers and managing directors Philip and Felix Kroschke. They had the courage to rebuild their company in a radical way. And of course: They were guided by strong values, not the least inspired by Felix’ experience with leading the philanthropic work of the family through the “Kroschke Familienstiftung“.

This hard work has already been awarded an in-depth article about the company in the German Manager Magazin. Now, this has been rivaled by Kroschke’s nomination as one of the most innovative companies in Germany by Focus Money.

Thanks to the Kroschke Group for the extraordinary collaboration! I am looking forward to more successful adventures in the future!


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