In the past years, corporate venturing has gotten a lot of attention and traction. More and more corporates engage in either building more agile startups outside of their core operations, create accelerator programs that help them benefit from startup thinking and culture or acquire some of the most vibrant new businesses on the planet.

Corporate Social Venturing

Recently, the topic of Corporate Social Venturing has gotten traction as well. This encompasses corporates that set up companies to not only tap new markets or customer groups, but also to profoundly impact the society that their acting in. This is not simply a new form of CSR engagements. It actually transforms the company to think “how can we create value – for customers and society alike”.

Campo Vivo

One of those examples is Campo Vivo, a joint venture between McCain and Yunus Social Business. It provides land, inputs and machinery to smallholder farmers in Colombia, which drastically improves their productivity – and ultimately their income. You can read more about here or learn about it hands-on by reaching out to me.