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We live in an age of relentless dynamics and technological breakthroughs. Startups and corporations across the world keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible. My mission is to help them design the social fiction behind their science fiction.

“Companies must ask themselves: What role do we play in the community? How are we managing our impact on the environment? Are we adapting to technological change?” Only a few years ago, words like these would have been attributed to activists, idealists or social romantics. Instead, this statement was sent to major corporations across the world by Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager with $5.7 trillion AUM. You can read the full letter here.

It shows the fundamental shift that we are going through. Technology keeps redefining what is possible, what is doable and through advances in AI also what it means to be human. It is our responsibility to start defining the social fiction behind all that science fiction – go beyond the capabilities of technology and define its purpose.

My work with startups around the world helps me contribute to shaping that thinking. From Mumbai to Cape Town to Europe to San Francisco. Startups are the epicenter of technological disruption. My mission is to also make it a meaningful disruption for society.


Accelerator Programs

After 20+ accelerator cycles and building a global network, I enjoy bringing together meaningful mentors with inspiring startups. The accelerator programs I run are offered in collaboration with several partners such as Growth Mechanics and Yunus Social Business.

Startup Coaching

Startup founders sometimes need a sounding board, someone external to stress-test their strategy. I offer coaching and hands-on support (like actually writing those nagging excel models).

Intrapreneurship Programs

It's not enough to look outside the company for innovation. In times of an intensifying war for talents and increasingly difficult integration of new products into the core business, it becomes more and more important to trigger innovation internally. I help companies to inspire their own employees to take action.
Emil Lamprecht
Google Launchpad Manager
Modern Entrepreneurship

Daniel is a true pioneer of modern entrepreneurship. Determined, quick to learn, and quick to implement across a range of expertise, he is a truly valuable asset to both Social Business and for profit worlds. It is a unique pleasure working with someone as driven and thoughtful as Daniel, and I hope to have that pleasure many times again in the future.

Marlin Watling
Senior Partner Lumen, ex-Roche
Innovation Consulting

Dan is wise beyond his years. He is well traveled, has an excellent network of innovative people and keen insights into trends and models. Underlying all of this is a robust set of personal values that shape his work. Dan is an exceptional leader and brilliant mind. It is one of life's pleasures to work with him!

Florian Hofmann
COO Lab 1886 (Daimler)
Financial Strategist

Daniel is one of the most skilled financial strategists for startups. He combines the strategic and operational knowhow. He is a data driven storyteller and a fast forward thinker, connecting the corporate and the startup world in an impressive way.

Anastasia Stoycheva
W1 Forward / Plug&Play
Corporates & Startups

Daniel has a meaningful understanding and empathy for integrating startup programs with corporate needs. As a connected professional, he did a great job by supporting and selecting startups and putting together mentor groups. Daniel is a person with strong entrepreneurial skills and driven by results.

TEDx: Is Business the only thing
that can Save the World?

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