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As seen in the halls of:
Emil Lamprecht
Google Launchpad Manager
Modern Entrepreneurship

Daniel is a true pioneer of modern entrepreneurship. Determined, quick to learn, and quick to implement across a range of expertise, he is a truly valuable asset to both Social Business and for profit worlds. It is a unique pleasure working with someone as driven and thoughtful as Daniel, and I hope to have that pleasure many times again in the future.

Shkelzen Marku
Co-Founder YSB Balkans
Team Management

Daniel is an excellent manager and a high profile leader. Besides his high professionalism and expertise, he is equipped with many valuable interpersonal skills, such as the ability to establish trusting and caring relationship and to effectively lead teams towards achievement of objectives.

Florian Hofmann
Founder & CEO of myBlix GmbH
Financial Strategist

Daniel is one of the most skilled financial strategists for startups. He combines the strategic and operational knowhow. He is a data driven storyteller and a fast forward thinker, connecting the corporate and the startup world in an impressive way.

Anastasia Stoycheva
W1 Forward InsurTech Accelerator
Corporates & Startups

Daniel has a meaningful understanding and empathy for integrating startup programs with corporate needs. As a connected professional, he did a great job by supporting and selecting startups and putting together mentor groups. Daniel is a person with strong entrepreneurial skills and driven by results.

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporations are masters of execution and efficiency. But they increasingly lack innovation, creativity and speed. I leverage my expertise in running over 20 accelerators to help companies design effective programs.

Startup Coaching

Startup founders sometimes need a sounding board, someone external to stress-test their strategy. I offer coaching and hands-on support (like actually writing those nagging excel models).

Intrapreneurship Programs

It's not enough to look outside the company for innovation. In times of an intensifying war for talents and increasingly difficult integration of new products into the core business, it becomes more and more important to trigger innovation internally. I help companies to inspire their own employees to take action.

About me

I have a passion for startups and bringing startup life to corporates. I have created shortcuts for startups and entrepreneurial journeys for corporates.

Entrepreneurship and innovation cannot be learned. Both are skills that have to be acquired, experiences that have to be made. I have been through a number of those journeys – good and bad – before. This experience helps me to find shortcuts for startups. It helps to support corporates in sparking entrepreneurial thinking in their employees. And it helps to create experiences for you so that we both have a really awesome time!

I offer coaching for startups on financing and product development. I had the chance to develop a range of workshops and accelerator programs for corporates. And I have spread the joy through speaking engagements for anyone who would like to listen. I have also met quite a number of incredible people around the world which allows you to pick from a network of experts and select from a breadth of topics such as startup financing, lean startup, lean analytics, social business, organisational development and productivity hacks.

The Value of Value-Driven Entrepreneurship

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